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Monday, November 5, 2007 | 11:55 AM
Out of the Blue || Back to reality

FOREWORDS: Beauteous campus heartthrob Kim Kibum drives every girl in Nadam High School insane as he gracefully express his haughty looks and killer smile to appease every girl's fantasy.

As ordinary teenage girls dream of falling onto Kim Kibum's arms someday, mildly indecent guys who feels insecure of Kibum's charm tries to burglarize the love and attention of every girl whose heart and mind is already set to one thing - to be with attractive Kim Kibum forever!

How these guys tried to unlock the girls' minds and hearts are left for the readers to discover.

It was an ordinary day at Nadam High. As expected, everyone were at their lockers located at the hallway waiting for someone's arrival.

"Hey Frenzie! something new in there?!" Sungmin called out.

"Well Minmin, could you please lower down your voice? I think everyone in this school already know what's new on Frenzie's locker everyday..." Jen said.

"Yeah! All those Kibummie stuffs..." Toni added. "(sighs) Hmmm... Kim Kibum.. Kim Kibum... Kim Kibum... When will you stop that hallucination Frenzie?"

"What?! hallucination?! No way!" Frenzie smiled.

"(Laughs) obsession rather!" Sungmin replied.

"Sungmin... shut up or else I will help you eat all of your candies, especially your lollies. Hmmm... I've heard they've been your favorite since you were a baby! Haha!" Jen argued.

"Well, it's not hallucination nor obsession. I just couldn't resist admiring Kim Kibum. I think it's..." Frenzie added as everyone were eager enough to know what will Frenzie say next.

"I think its..."

"What?!" everyone shouted in chorus.

"I think its love!"

"Oh come on! Cut the crap!" someone from the crowd shouted.

Almost everyone walked out of the hallway and went inside their respective classrooms in no time. The people who were left at the hallway were those girls waiting for Kibum's arrival and some naughty guys who wants to witness and laugh at girls' craziness over Kim Kibum.

"Where did they go?" Sungmin asked.

"I don't care about them! All I want is my one and only Kim Kibum!" Frenzie said as she uneasily closed her locker. "What the..."

"Hey, Calm down. Its hard to close your locker with all those Kim Kibum pics in there. Here, let me do it," Toni said as she closed Frenzie's locker slowly and carefully.

"Now, that's better!" Jen added.

"Girls! Its Kibum!" another girl screamed as she saw Kibum's shadow right at the door.

Everyone rushed at the door to see Kibum except for the guys who feels insecure of Kibum's good looks.

"I'm far handsome than Kim Kibum! Why are girls not crazy over me?" Donghae said.

"Yeah, and I've got a better body than Kim Kibum!" Hankyung added.

"Well, if you're going to compare me and Kim Kibum... Ahem... We would be like a grasshopper and an ant, and..." Eunhyuk said arrogantly.

"And you are the ant! So small compared to a grasshopper! So afraid of their so-called masters!" Melissa screamed out for she couldn't take Eunhyuk's comparison.

"Why you... Arghh! If only you're not my cousin, you should be dead by now!" Eunhyuk said.

Lee Donghae was a former gang leader who decided to quit and tried to focus his attention to his studies and other school-related stuffs. Hankyung, Donghae's childhood pal, was a peculiar ballet dancer. What makes him peculiar is that he tries to build muscles despite being a ballet dancer and yet, the improvement of his body is really slow. Eunhyuk, despite being so coward and arrogant, could still empress people with his sophisticated dance moves. And Melissa, Eunhyuk's cousin, is very childish and controls Eunhyuk like a robot whenever they're at home, but when they're together at public places, it seems like Melissa is afraid of Eunhyuk, but definitely, she's not!

Donghae stood up and walked closer to Frenzie's locker. He tried to destroy the lock and he successfully opened it.

"What are you doing Donghae?" Eunhyuk asked.

"Uh oh... This isn't a good idea!" Melissa said as she was busy licking her giant lollipop.

Donghae destroyed and tampered all the Kibum pics which Frenzie collected, with no hesitation! He destructed everything, and then closed Frenzie's locker again, as if nothing happened.

"Donghae, what have you done? Aren't you scared or afraid?" Hankyung reasoned out.

"Ha! Me? Scared? Afraid? Of who?" Donghae courageously answered.

"Well, I mean, what if somebody will know this and you'll be punished for this?" Hankyung added.

"Well, I can trust the three of you, can't I?" Donghae said.

Melissa, Eunhyuk and Hankyung had no other choice but to agree to Donghae's proposal.

"Alright then... This should be a perfect start!" Donghae added.


Frenzie is so obsessed with Kim Kibum that she will surely get perfect if ever her professor would give a quiz about Kim Kibum - everything about him. Jeneviev, the eldest in the group, acts seriously as if she's mature enough to have her own family. No wonder, childish Sungmin, who does everything for more and more candies, is so afraid of Jeneviev that he always listen and follow what Jen wants him to do. On the other hand, Toni, who acts like a know-it-all person but in fact, she doesn't know anything right, has a serious problem wherein she will take all the risk whenever she wants to get something, or anything - a dress, a gadget or even a guy!

"How many Kibummie pics do you have for today, Frenzie?" Jen asked.

"Wait, let me guess...a dozen?" Sungmin asked.

"Or maybe 20 pieces?" Toni added.

"Well, I've got 100 new pics of Kibum today! Maybe tomorrow I could bring more!" Frenzie replied.

"Whaah, who would expect?!" Jen said surprisingly.

Frenzie gave her locker key to Sungmin. Sungmin was about to open Frenzie's locker when he noticed something was wrong. It took him a minute to realize that Frenzie's locker was - destroyed! He then peeped inside Frenzie's locker. When everything was clear, he directly opened it, and a flood of Kibummie pics gushed before him. Sungmin screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Sungmin! What's wrong?!" Jen asked automatically.

"I know this isn't real! I know this is just a dream!" Sungmin replied.

"What happened to Kibum?! No, this can't be! Don't tell Frenzie!" Toni added.

"Why won't you tell me? Why, what happened?" Frenzie arrived from the comfort room.

Frenzie walked closer to her locker. She saw all her collections on the floor. At first, she doesn't seem to mind at all, but eventually, she ended up with her knees on the floor, screaming and crying out so loud that everyone on the hallway was staring at her. Some felt sorry for her, but others were annoyed, really annoyed.

"Frenzie, don't get so wild!" Toni said as she was trying to let her calm down.

"And why wouldn't I? What have they done to my collection? Why?!" Frenzie replied madly.

Frenzie really rolled on the floor like a child who wasn't given what she wants. No one could stop her! Even Jeneviev! She really cried like she lost one of her family members. It seems like her tears could wash out the whole Nadam High School or even the whole town!

"Donghae, I don't think what you've done is right." Melissa said.

"Duhh..She would be fine!" Donghae replied.

Eunhyuk inserted into the scene, "How could you be so sure?!"

Hankyung added, "Let's leave it all to Donghae. Now, what are you planning to do?"

Donghae thought for a while and suddenly a meaningful smile started to draw on his face. He told Melissa, Eunhyuk and Hankyung on what to do. As usual, the three have no choice but to follow what Donghae planned.

"Oh Frenzie, come on. Stop crying. Here, I'll give you my favorite lollipop...Even if its the last..." Sungmin said sadly.

Melissa ran swiftly and grabbed the lollipop which Sungmin offered to Frenzie. Sungmin got mad and he tried to capture Melissa who stole his lollipop! They ran and ran until they were out of the group's sight, but Frenzie, still, was crying over her ruined collection.

And now, the second step of Donghae's plan is about to start. Eunhyuk and Hankyung came closer to the girls.

"Uhmm, Miss. What's wrong in here? May I know?" Hankyung asked Jen.

"Well it's none of your business!" Jen replied.

"Her Kibum collection were all ruined," Toni said.

"Oh I see. Now. Why don't you guys leave her and come with us at the cafeteria? By this, we could give her more time to recover in this incident." Hankyung proposed but Jeneviev ignored him

"Whoah, it would be a great idea, i think..." Toni said.

"And when did you learn how to think?" Jen said arrgantly.

Eunhyuk was about to burst with laughter, but he tried to control it. Toni was in deep humiliation.

"Will you please leave me alone! You guys are so noisy!" Frenzie screamed.

The four of them had no choice but to go to the cafeteria. Hankyung was really after Jen, and Eunhyuk was really disgusted with Toni following him all the time. The first two steps of Donghae's plans were successful, and now, he's about to do his last and final step.

"Uhmm, Miss..." Donghae said as he offered his handkerchief to Frenzie but Frenzie doesn't seem to care. She was really mad, depressed, she doesn't know what to do next! She spent so much money just for her collection and now it was destructed!

"Uhmm, Miss...I'm Donghae. Is there something I can do to ease your sadness?"

"No, nothing! You may leave now!"

"But, I couldn't leave you here all alone..."

"And why? Do I mean something to you? I'm nothing!"

Donghae paused for awhile, little by little realizing that his plan on destroying her Kibum collection was really wrong.

"Now look. I want to help you and I don't want to argue with you. I'm serious. What happened? Just tell me..." Donghae said as he looked at Frenzie's eyes directly.

"They ruined all my collections! I've done nothing wrong but they treated me like this! How could this be? Who could that be!" Frenzie said in deep sadness.

"Now look. You could not be crying here all day. How could you attract Kibum in that way? Okay, I promise. If you'll find out who invaded your locker, tell me, and I'll teach him a lesson..." Donghae said as he was trying to comfort Frenzie.

Frenzie, at that time, realized that Donghae was right. She shouldn't be crying all day! She grabbed Donghae's hand, stood up, and accepted his hanky which he offered earlier. Frenzie was soothed out by the pretentious Donghae.

At the cafeteria, Hankyung treated Jeneviev, and Eunhyuk was treated by Toni. Together they ate ice cream.

"Here Jen. I bought you some ice cream," Hankyung said upon giving Jen ice cream - her favorite!

"Uhmm...Hankyung how about me? Aren't you gonna treat me some ice cream?" Eunhyuk asked.

"Eunhyuk, you know that I don't have enough money for this week...So please, buy yourself some ice cream. I know you have so much money in there," Hankyung said in the lowest tone of his voice.

Hankyung and Jen continued to eat their ice cream. They chatted about a lot of things. They were talking about the incident when suddenly, Toni came, fully loaded with so much stuffs to eat.

"Hey Eunhyuk! I bought you gallons of ice cream. I know you've been craving for this. Now, put this towel on before you eat so that you won't mess up your shirt," Toni commanded Eunhyuk, and with Eunhyuk craving for all of those gallons of ice cream, easily followed Toni's condition.

"Good boy...It's not hard to feed you!" Toni added.

They enjoyed the ice cream so much, and indeed, they enjoyed talking about lots of things. They also talked about Frenzie's craziness over Kibum, until Eunhyuk's tongue slipped. He said that Donghae was the one who ruined Frenzie's collection. Hankyung was shocked, and Jen was really fiery at that time. She started to beat Eunhyuk physically and Toni, being so concerned to Eunhyuk, was trying her very best to stop Jen. Eunhyuk and Hankyung ran back to the hallway where Donghae and Frenzie were, with Toni and Jen running after them.

"Donghae! There's no more time! We have to go now!" Hankyung hurriedly said.


"Eunhyuk slipped his tongue!"

"What?! Oh my God!"

"I'm sorry Donghae, but we have to go now... " Eunhyuk said.

The guys ran away and Frenzie was left behind, clueless about what was happening, until Toni and Jen came.

"Why are you guys running after each other? Toni, why are you crying? What's going on?" Frenzie asked.

"Eunhyuk!" Toni cried as she ran after the guys.

"Donghae... Where's Donghae?" Jen asked.

"He ran away. I don't know why," Frenzie replied.

"Don't get surprised, but Donghae... He was the one whoruined your collection!"

"No! He can't be!"

"It's hard to judge people but believe me. I've heard it right straight from Eunhyuk! Donghae was the one who actually did it!"

Frenzie couldn't believe it! Donghae was the one who did it. She's thinking of a revenge, but how? She dropped down on her knees and started to cry again, worse than the childish cry she had earlier. Perhaps, she couldn't forgive Donghae!


Like kids who fight over nonsense things, Melissa and Sungmin are still running after one another, fighting over that piece of lollipop. No one could actually stop Sungmin from chasing Melissa, until he cried out so loud because he fell off, and got wounded.

"Waah! Mommy! Help me! It hurts!" Sungmin cried out.

Melissa laughed at Sungmin, and Sungmin felt bad. He cried and cried.

"Hey, will you stop crying?" Melissa asked him.

"No, I won't. I got wounded and still I don't have my lollipop! I want my mommy!"

"Okay, I'll give your lollipop back in one condition."

"What is it?"

"Stop crying. I don't want to see you cry!"

With that striking statement, Sungmin's heart started to beat faster. He realized that crying childishly in front of a girl is so humiliating. He wiped his tears away and he stood up like a grown-up guy. He wasn't able to speak, even a single word. He was like day-dreaming, staring and focusing his attention to Melissa. Melissa returned his lollipop, and Sungmin upon receiving the lollipop, held Melissa's hand tightly and securely.

"Waah! I want lollipop! I want lollipop!" a voice from behind the two of them broke the silence that was embracing them.

They turned their heads to where they think the voice came from. In great disbelief, they saw another nerdy looking guy, who was also very childish, together with heartthrob Kim Kibum, and another heartthrob wannabe, Kim Heechul, and he was Kim Ryeowook. The three of them were close relatives.

"Wookie! Stop! It's embarassing!" Kibum shouted.
"Calm him down, I'll get these thing better," Heechul proposed as he went near Melissa and Sungmin.

"Yo, man! Yo! Wazz'up man! Yeah! Nice Weather!" Heechul said wildly, terribly wild!

Melissa's and Sungmin's eyes widened. They were not expecting that kind of approach from a stranger. Heechul's noise continued to tickle their eardrums when suddenly, a loud impact was heard. It was Kim Kibum, who hit Heechul's head with his books to stop his foolishness.

"I'm sorry guys! Please, excuse us." Kibum said upon walking back to where they orginally where, with Heechul following him with a huge hump at the right side of his forehead, Melissa and Sungmin were laughing severely that they almost rolled on the ground - they almost even forgot the lollipop!

"I was about to get things right! You didn't even give me the chance..." Heechul said, but Kibum ignored him, and Hyoyeon, the hottest chic in Nadam High, who attracts boys with no intentions, arrived at their table.

"Oh, what happened to Heechul?" Hyoyeon asked, who was astonished at that time.

"It's all because of that dumb Ryeowook!" Heechul replied. "Lollipop! Lollipop! What the heck! Look at now my handsome face. A lot of girls will be mad for sure!"

"Hmm..Speaking of lollipop, Wookie, don't be sad anymore. I've got some present for you..."

Hyoyeon got something out from her bag. It was really huge. A giant tutti frutti lollipop! That made Ryeowook very happy. He was exuberant upon receiving the lollipop and his eyes were as fascinating as the big sweet smile on his face.

Melissa and Sungmin stared where Ryeowook was, with Sungmin craving for the giant lollipop and Melissa day-dreaming for Ryeowook. Hyoyeon noticed the two of them. She went near them, and gave them two junior-sized lollipop. Sungmin thanked Hyoyeon so much but Melissa was still fantasizing.

"Uhmm...Melissa, here's your lollipop..." Sungmin said, but Melissa was still out of mind. "Melissa! Get your lollipop!" Sungmin cried like he forgot that he was infront of a girl.

"Oh! Thank you!" Melissa grabbed the lollipop. They started to eat, when suddenly, Melissa murmured, "Hmm..Ryeowook..Ryeowook...Ryeowook..."

"What was it again?" Sungmin interrupted her, but she continued to murmur Ryeowook's name.

"His eyes, so catchy. His lips, so kissable. His cheeks, so rosy..." Melissa, still fantasizing, and Sungmin, whose feelings felt bad at that time, walked out and left untouchable and undisturbable Melissa.

"His hair, so smooth. His hands seems to be so soft..."

"Melissa! What are you doing?!" Eunhyuk said when he saw his cousin. Melissa regained her mind. She stood up and removed the dirt on her knees.

"That pretty girl gave me a giant lollipop. I think her name is Hyoyeon. Hmm...You know what? The two of you looks good together! I've heard she's good at dancing too..A perfect match! So, Donghae, mission accomplished? You look so..."

Hankyung replied, "Impossible. It failed because of this stupid monkey. He slipped his tongue! Now, I don't think I could come closer to Jeneviev. It seems that she's mad at us."

"Definitely! I hope she could forgive me," Donghae said.

"And you're planning to ask for forgiveness!" The three of them surprisingly said in chorus.

For knowing Donghae, he never ask for forgiveness! It isn't even in his vocabulary!

Donghae thought deeply for a matter of minutes. After the silence he replied.



Everyone inside Nadam High library were seriously reading, studying for the upcoming periodicals, except for one - that's Frenzie, despite having a busy and hectic schedule for the exams season, found time sleeping soundly inside the library.

"Toni, aren't we going yet?" Jen asked.

"We couldn't just leave Frenzie here!" Toni argued.

"Well then, if you're not, I'm leaving!" Jen went out of the library. She walked towards the elevator, the guys appeared at the opposite end of the hallway.

"That's Jen right? Donghae! I'm following her!" Hankyung said as he ran towards Jen.

"Why is he so fond of Jeneviev?" Donghae asked.
Eunhyuk said,"Donghae, look! It's Frenzie! Is she sleeping? Here in school? Maybe she got sleepless night because of what happened yesterday."

They peeped inside the library.

"Oopps. Donghae, I really have to go," Eunhyuk proclaimed as he saw that Toni was about to go out of the library.

"But, why?"

"I..I...I'll explaine it to you later! I really have to go now!"

Eunhyuk ran after Hankyung so that Toni couldn't notice him, but it was too late. Toni called out Eunhyuk's name, and she ran after him.

"That girl is crazy!" Melissa said.

Donghae was still looking at Frenzie from the door. He also not sure of what he is going to do. The door opened and Sungmin came out.

"Sungmin!" Melissa said, "where are you going?"

"Well, uhmm. I'm going to buy candies and lollies," Sungmin replied. He's trying to hide his true feelings. He is also stopping his self from liking Melissa.

"I'm going with you! I have to tell you something. Bye Donghae! Goodluck." Melissa smiled as she dragged Sungmin intentionally towards the elevator.

Donghae took a deep breath, "I hope this will work out."

Donghae courageously went inside the library to talk to Frenzie. At first, hesitation lingered around him but his pursuit on asking forgiveness to Frenzie was powerful - more powerful! He tried to disturb Frenzie from sleeping but Frenzie is undisturbable no matter what he does!

"Nah...This girl is difficult," Donghae said to himself.

He waited for Frenzie to wake up. He got a book and read like he was reviewing for his exams. It took him an hour or two, and he ended up sleeping, with his head lying on the book. After some time, Frenzie woke up and saw the sleeping Donghae. She was puzzled. "Why is he here? What is he doing?" Frenzie asked to herself. She thought for a possible reason when suddenly, she noticed something on Donghae's book. It was wet. That's it!

"Yuck! This guy sleeps like a baby," she said in a low voice.

"Hmm...This must be a good revenge."

Frenzie took a video of Donghae, sleeping like a child. She took a close up view of the wet stuff on the book.

She's about to burst to laughter, good thing she's inside the reading center. She really tried her best no to laugh, but she was smiling, intensely smiling. She's making fun out of Donghae, until she noticed Donghae's face, which was very tame at that time. She was then observing his face - Donghae's eyes, his nose, his lips - until she realized what she was doing.

"No," she said to herself, again. She saved the video and hurriedly walked out of the library. She left Donghae, who was still sleeping at that time.

(Now, back to Hankyung, Jeneviev, Eunhyuk and Toni.)

"Jen, wait!" Hankyung shouted as he was running after her.

Jeneviev recognized his voice, even without looking at her back. She knew it was Hankyung. Upon hearing his voice, she quickly ran towards the elevator to open it, but it won't! Shed had no choice but to take the stairs, adn she did! She ran as fast as she can down the stairs, with Hankyung following her, with Eunhyuk following Hankyung, and with Toni running after Eunhyuk.

"Hankyung, wait for me!" Eunhyuk screamed.

"Eunhyuk where are you going?!" Toni shouted back.

"Help! Help! Hankyung!" Eunhyuk called for help.

"Eunhyuk back off! Jen! Wait!" Hankyung asked Jen, but she ran as fast as she could.

They were almost at the 2nd floor when Hankyung fell down the stairs, and to his surprise, he hit Jen, and they both rolled down the stairs. With Eunhyuk, astonished with what he saw, couldn't wait for himself to come down by taking the stairs. To Toni's surprise, Eunhyuk intentionally jumped down to the 2nd floor where Jen and Hankyung were, but to his misfortune, he fell off up to the 1st floor, and he was not able to stand up quickly.

"Eunhyuk! Don't commit suicide! I'm still here!" Toni said, not knowing that she was one of the reasons why Eunhyuk jumped off the stairs.

"Ouch...My back hurts!" Jen said. "Get off me! You! Argh!"

"I'm sorry. Let me just help you." Hankyung replied.

"No! Leave me alone! I can do it!" Jen tried to stand up, but unfortunately she can't.

"Ouch!!!" Jen screamed in so much pain.

"Okay. I've got no choice. I'll carry you to your home!"

Hankyung carried Jen. A lover's carry actually! Jen tried to resist Hankyung's strength but she can't. Her back is aching badly.

"I wouldn't just leave you here. It's all my fault, so I will bring you back to your home whether you like it or not!"

Jeneviev stopped as she heard what Hankyung said.

"Now, where's your home?"


Jen told Hankyung her address. She doesn't want to but since she couldn't take a long walk, she had no other option. She wondered why Hankyung walks so slow. "Maybe he's just grabbing the opportunity of carrying me, that' why he walks so slow," Jen thought carefully. But she's still confused. She wants to know the reason why, straight from Hankyung, so she asked Hankyung confidently.

"Why are you walking so slow?" Is it because it's me you're carrying or what?" Jen asked roughly.

"Yes, I'm carrying you now, and there's one thing that I want you to know," Hankyung replied. Jen blushed into deep red with a punch of pink. "This is it," she thought secretly. "Well, what is it?"

"Uhmm. Jen. I don't want to tell you this but I cannot hide it inside me for a longer time now," Hankyung uttered slowly.

"Then speak out!"

"...My back aches!!! I couldn't take it anymore! The pain is killing me! Ahh!!!"

Jen hurriedly hopped down Hankyung arms, feeling so ashamed but still trying to hide it.
Hankyung rolled on the floor, with his back aching obviously but still keeping the pain inside him. It’s like he’s gonna die but he doesn’t want Jeneviev to notice it.

"Ouch…" Hankyung slowly said to his self.

"What do you think you are doing?! You’re acting stupidly! Why don’t you scream the pain out," Jeneviev said. "..if it’s is really painful."

With Jen’s statements, Hankyung’s mind was enlightened. He thought about it over and over again. He realized that keeping the pain makes it more painful!

"What the…" Jen started to utter when suddenly…

"AaaaaRRRGHHH! Ouch! It’s really, really, really painful! Mom! Dad! Oh come on! Please help me," Hankyung shouted annoyingly that he displeased Jeneviev.

"I’m going home! It’ll only take me a few minutes to get there. Go home now! Go home by yourself! Have your mom and dad to cure your back pains!"

Jeneviev was about to walk away when suddenly, Hankyung grabbed her hands.

"No, wait…"

"What is he gonna do? What’s gonna happen next? Oh God! This must be it!" Jen thought.

"What?!" Jen arrogantly said.

"I’m leaving! You want your mom and dad?! Okay fine, go home! Mommy’s looking for you! ‘Oh, where’s our little boy dear.. it’s getting late already.." Jen added.

"I want you." Hankyung said in his deepest, whole-hearted voice.

Jens’ body froze. Her mouth dried that made her turn out to be speechless. She was struck by Hankyung’s statement. She was out there, daydreaming, until words cam out from her mouth.

"I want you, too…."

"What was it again?!" Hankyung said in a surprised tone.

"I want you." Jen said, and Hankyung bursted out to laughter.

"Haha! She wants me! She wants me! She wants me! I knew it!"

Jen sank into the sea of great humiliation. She probably had no idea on what she is gonna do next. She doesn’t even know what she is feeling at that time. Her tears began to peep at her eyes when suddenly, Hankyung became serious.

"Hey Jen, what’s the matter?" Hankyung wanted to break Jen’s silence, but he can’t.

"Hey… Honey…" Hankyung said, and that made Jen angry.

"Honey!? What do you mean honey, huh?! You…" Jen replied as she started to beat Hankyung.

"No! wait! You said you want me too?!" Hankyung asked.

"No, I did not!"

"You did!"

"No, I did not!"

"Yes… you did!"


"Well, if you did not, then what do you mean with that statement of yours?"

Jen was not able to answer back again. She thought about it for some time.

"Yes…" Jen said.

"I said I want you to…"

"Haha! I knew it!" Hankyung replied.

"No! Listen! I’m not yet done! I said I want you to…"

"to…?" Hankyung said.

"I want you to…."

"You want me?" Hankyung jokingly said.

"No! I said I want you! ~ wait! No! I mean… Ahh!" Jen confusingly said.

"Okay fine. I got it. You want me too because I said I want you." Hankyung argued.

"… no…" Jen uttered as tears began to roll down her cheeks. "I said I want you to go home now."

Hankyung was surprised by what he saw. He was able to make a girl cry! He then felt sad.

"I’m so sorry Jen. I did not mean to displease you. I’m really, really sorry. Please forgive me. Just grab my hand if you’re willing to accept my heartfelt apology…"

Jen did not respond. She continued to cry. She did not mind Hankyung at all.

"Well, okay. I know you want me to go home. If that’s what you want, then I’ll do it…. With all my heart. Goodbye, Jen."

Hankyung took a few steps away from Jen when suddenly, he stopped. He waited for Jen to force him not to leave, but since Jen’s heart was as cold as ice at that time, nothing happened, so she continued to walk away from Jen.

After a while, Jen slowly stood up. She wiped her tears away and she looked around the place.

"Yes! It worked! I fooled him! Haha!" Jen shouted out in great joy and then she walked away."I should go home by now…"

"I knew it! She was just fooling around. Hhmm…I don’t deserve this! I should follow her,"

Hankyung said to his self as he went out of the huge tree where he was hiding. He followed Jen, secretly.

"Oh my God. He already has a clue that I like him. What should I do now…" Jen said as she was talking to herself.

"Duhh, why should I worry about that? There’s no need for me to worry! He said he wants me," she continued.

"No.. I should not be obvious with what I am feeling. I must not let him know that I like him too."

Jen was emoting as she was on her way to their home when suddenly, someone screamed from behind. The dogs in their place became noisy. She looked from behind and there! Hankyung was screaming for help! He was running as fast as he could as dogs of different sizes were running after him. He had no where to go, so he climbed up the fence of the nearby house. He was still screaming for help. He was on top of the fence, and the dogs were waiting for him to come down.

"Help!!!!!!" Hankyung screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Somebody help me!"

Jen wanted to laugh with what she saw, but all she did was to smile. She courageously went near the dogs and she easily drove them away.

"What are you waiting for? Come down!" Jen said arrogantly as she started to walk away from the fence where Hankyung was.

"Wait Jen! How am I gonna go down?"

"If you know how to get there, then you probably should know how to come down! Stupid guy!"

"Okay. If you’re just gonna leave me here, I’ll jump of the fence! Do you want that to happen?"


"Then if I’ll jump off this fence, I’m gonna die!"

"Then do it you idiot!"

"For God’s sake! Aren’t you afraid of what I’m going to do?!"

"Uhmm…" Jen thought for a while. "[sigh] Well… NO!"

Hankyung was astonished with what Jen said. It challenged him so much.

"Okay! In the count of three, I’m gonna jump off. Goodbye Jen! Goodbye…" Hankyung said with a shaking voice.

"Jump off now! Don’t say something more! I don’t want to hear any!"

"Uhmm… Okay…" Hankyung fearfully said.

"One… Two… Thrr…" Hankyung was about to jump, but somebody interrupted the scene.

"An intruder! A Housebreaker! A robber! A burglar! A thief! A CRIMINAL! He is on top of our fence!" The property owner shouted for help. Hankyung lost his balance and he really fell off the fence. He wasn’t able to stand up right after the unintended incident!

"Call the securities! Call the police station! RELEASE THE DOGS!!!" the owner commanded.

Hankyung was really terrified! Anyone could call the securities or the police or even the swat, but not the dogs! He fears dogs! And nothing can hide that fear in his face!

"No! Stop!" Jen said to the owner.

"And why are you telling me to stop what I am doing? Do you know who this guy is?" the owner replied.


"Then who is he?"

"Uhmm… He’s my…"

"He’s your?"

"Uhmm… I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation but actually, I’m his boyfriend!"Hankyung proclaimed gratefully.

"What?!" Jen said.

"Is he your boyfriend or not?!" the owner said with an angry tone, an angry voice, and a terrible face.

"He is my boyfriend so please, don’t hurt him. I would like to ask for apology in behalf of him. I promise, this wont happen again…"Jen proposed.

Hankyung’s eyes glistened. He couldn’t believe it!

"Okay then. Help him get up and go home now,"the owner ordered as she entered her house.

"Thank you so much!" Jen shouted to express her gratitude.

"Are you alright?" Jen asked Hankyung, but he was speechless as he was staring at Jen’s eyes.

"Hankyung, are you okay?" She asked again but still, there was no reply, so she gave Hankyung a head butt.

"I said are you alright?! STUPID!"

"Uhmm… Yes… I am now…"

"Well, get up and go home!"

"Okay, I’ll go home in one condition."

"What?" Jen asked.

"Let me take you to your home…." Hankyung replied. "Please…?"

Jen thought for a while and she agreed with Hankyung. They walked a few more steps to Jen’s house. They soon arrived at Jen’s house.

"Bye Jen."

"Aren’t you gonna come inside?"

"Well, I think there’s no reason for me to stay longer…" Hankyung emoted. He wanted to get inside Jen’s house and meet her family, but there’s one thing that stops him from doing such thing – Jen’s huge and fierce pit bull!

"Okay, if that’s what you want."

"Goodnight Jen…"

"Uhmm, same to you. Goodnight. Take care of yourself."

"Okay. Goodnight Jen."

"Goodnight Hankyung."


"What the… STUPID GUY!" Jen annoyingly said as she smashed their gate. She went inside their house and she never came out again [or even a peep!]. She’s thinking that Hankyung was waiting for something. A goodnight kiss, maybe.

Hankyung hoped for Jen to come out again. He waited for minutes, but no one came out of the house, until he forcefully said, "Stupid girl! She doesn’t even know how to say sorry! Someday, I’m going to give her a head butt too…."


*** Now back to Toni and to the suicidal Eunhyuk ***

"Eunhyuk! How could you?! You didn’t even tell me that you’re planning to commit suicide! You should have told me! But why didn’t you?! Huh? You should have told me!!!" Toni said as she ran down the stairs quickly. She then went near Eunhyuk, who was lying down on the floor with a pitiful face.

"We’re… we’re…" Eunhyuk started to murmur.

"Huh?! Why didn’t you tell me?! Why?! Why?!Why?!"

"We’re not that close… You know…"

"You’re so unfair! Life is so unfair! Don’t you know that?"

"How dare you! Don’t you know that my life now is a mess?! Huh? My life is a mess! Mess! Mess! You’re mess!"

"Mess?? Mess?? Mess?? Hhmm… M… E… S… S…? Oh yes! I’m a mess! I’m MESS Toni! And you’re MESSter Eunhyuk! What’s wrong with that one?!"

"Oh for God’s sake! You don’t even know what ‘MESS’ I am talking about! Good-gracious! Dumb girl! You’re useless!"

"How could you!" Toni shouted, and after a while, she said, "Well, what do you exactly mean with that ‘MESS’ you are talking about?"

"Haha! Very evident! You’re not going to church, are you?"

"So?! What’s the connection?"

"It’s what the priest holds every Sunday! You know! Every Sunday, there’s a mess [actually, he’s talking about ‘MASS’, not MESS >.<]!" Toni had a confused look on her face. She thought about what Eunhyuk said.

"It is when people sing songs of praises for the Lord, when there are a lot of people listening to the teachings of God… Did you get my point?"

"Ahh… Okay, I got it! But I thought it’s called a mass…"

"Well, you’re wrong about that. And by the way, when did you ever started to know how to think?!"

"Oh… come on… Let’s forget this! This conversation is going elsewhere!" Toni proposed.

Eunhyuk tried his very best to get up, but he can’t. He couldn’t raise his hips. At that moment, his hips were too heavy for him to carry! First attempt, nothing happened. Second try, nothing happened[still!]! The third trial came… and… POOOOOFFFF!

"Eww… what’s that awful smell? Yyyuucckk!" Toni obnoxiously said.

"Huh? Smell? Awful smell? I smell nothing!" Eunhyuk exclaimed as he was trying to hide his guilt.

"Yyyuucckk!! It smells like fart! Eeeeweeee!"

"Well, I did not fart! Maybe you did!" Eunhyuk said.

"But why so guilty?! I did not say that you’re the one who farted! You’re just guilty! Haha! He farted! He farted! He farted!"

"NO! I did not! I wasn’t able to smell something awful! But you did! Which means…" Eunhyuk said as he was trying to pass his fault to Toni.

"which means, you’re lying!"

"Ahah! I know now! You were the only one who was able to smell that awful sss… ssmell… Yah… only because it was coming from you!"

"Well, I did not fart!"

"Yes, It may not be fart…" Eunhyuk said.

"If it is not, then what is it?"

"Do you want me to kill you?! Things are so simple, but you cannot even get the logic, huh?! Why are you so…. Arrghh! Okay… okay… I understand… It’s hard to deal with people like you…" Eunhyuk argued.

"Why you?! Who do you think you are to say to me something like that?" Toni shouted.

"I’m Eunhyuk!"

"If it’s not fart, then what is it? Answer me! Don’t get things pointless!"

"According to the book of the human anatomy, chapter 14-page 5123, the nose which enables a human being to recognize things by their smell…"


"… is situated, placed, positioned, set, sited or is found above the human mouth, with a surrounding lips, gums, tongue, and teeth, through which food is taken in and through which sounds come out, which could also be a source of a foul smell…"


"resulted by lots of factors, which is actually what you are personally smelling right now! It is the explanation why it’s only you who smelled that awful smell even if you did not fart! Get my point?"

"??? [still dumbfounded]"

"Get my point?!" Eunhyuk screamed.

"You didn’t tell me that you were that genius!"

"Oh come on! Don’t just stand there! Why don’t you help me get up here?!"

to be continued...

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Sunday, November 4, 2007 | 1:24 PM
Just a Small Thing || Back to reality

FOREWORDS: Lara needs help with his shoelaces. But she wouldn't avow what she feels. Leeteuk, her bestfriend, can't stop staring at Lara upon struggling with the shoelaces. Will Leeteuk help her?

"This feeling..I just can't explain. I think about it everyday. I don't know why I love you more than just a friend," Leeteuk glowered and bit his lip.

His friend Lara was irritated with her shoelaces, and scowling when she didn't get it right. Leeteuk smiled in a smug way. Thinking that he need to dive in to save his friend.

"Need help?" Leeteuk raised an eyebrow. But he know that Lara wouldn't admit that she was having trouble with it.

"No, I'm fine," the obstinate girl replied, but it was really obvious that she needs help. "I can do it by myself!"

Leeteuk laughed, then sat down to watch Lara wrestling with it. "Do it by yourself huh? Are you sure you can do it by yourself? Seems like your fighting with it for almost an hour..."

"Leeteuk! Stop staring at me! You're making me more uncomfortable," she scolded.

"Sorry. Haha..But I know you like me too," Leeteuk replied, then laughed.

"Stupid! I hate this!." she muttered, then threw it somewhere where she can't see it again. "I'm not going to wear it! Like damn!" she left the room and Leeteuk followed her behind.

"If you don't wear shoes, then I won't too." Leeteuk slid his hand into Lara's hand, pulling her close and embraced her.

"Don't be like that..It's just a small thing." Lara blushed seeing Leeteuk's face upon saying those words.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007 | 3:51 PM
Smuggled Love || Back to reality

FOREWORDS: Eunhyuk a one unlucky guy is forced to work for smugglers after losing on a card game. He was to keep an expensive Buddha pendant studded with diamonds worth millions away from authorities who's becoming more and more alert when it comes to illegal transactions such as smuggling. When he discovers that a trap awaits him, he leaves immediately and gallops off only to find that he lost the pendant after an encounter with a girl. How this unlucky guy becomes involved with this smuggling activity, how he learns to live life happily without just thinking of wealth and how against all his principles and idiotness, he falls in love.


"Hell and damnation, you've beaten me again!" Eunhyuk rose from the green-baize table and flung the cards accross the room. They scattered over the carpet, elegant inlaid furniture, and some came to the face of a big and masculine man dressed in tux. His companion tipped back his chair from the table and stared wide-eye at Eunhyuk.

"You're becoming a bad loser, Eunhyuk" the man said in a low tone.

"That's the third night running you have beaten me at ecarte," Eunhyuk bravely replied.

"And I've sworn never to match you again!" his bravery seem to melt when he saw the expression on the man's face who was becoming more and more fed up.

"You know what they are saying don't you?" the man said in tones which one can tell of deep thrudded anger.

"I --do not," Eunhyuk replied with a shaking voice, "and I am confident that i will not pay for the knowledge."

The big man laughed. "I'll tell you for nothing," he said. "Unlucky at cards, lucky in love."

Eunhyuk glared at him. "So?" He said feeling scared.

"Since you have nothing left to pay me for everything you own, I'll let you off with a bargain," the man grinned.

"Wha--what kind of bargain?" Eunhyuk asked dumbly.

"You see, we smugglers have been on the number one list in the authorities man hunt. I have this pendant worth $100,000 U.S dollars, but Im afraid I cannot wear it," he said while pulling a buddha pendant glittering to the lights. Eunhyuk stared of admiration. "The authorities and the Chinese government is working together to get back this precious premium item."he said.

"So you want me to wear it?" Eunhyuk said rather delighted.

"Heck no!" the man said in a thin voice. "I want you to keep it as safe as possible, away from suspicious eyes."

"Wait a minute." Eunhyuk stood up "What's in it for me?" he said bravely.

But too late, the man was in rage, "How 'bout that your eyeballs remain inside your head?" he said holding a sharp dagger up to Eunhyuk's eyes.

Eunhyuk shaking closed his eyes and said "I was just kidding you know, hehehe, I would definately take care of that piggy pendant-- I mean buddha pendant, you can count on me."

"No!!! I can't do it, you know I can't." Eunhyuk was talking to a pig-like figure he calls it Boo which he takes with him everywhere says it's his lucky charm, but so far no luck at all. "I know, I know," Eunhyuk went on talking to it like he was a crazy person. Several passers-by have seen him and looks at him suspiciously. By now he was starting to realise what a mess he's into, he went straight to his apartment where he lives alone avoiding his nagging landlady.

"Eunhyuk! you good for nothing monkey!!!" Eunhyuk jumped upon hearing his fire-breathing landlady Mrs. Choi. "Where's your pay for this month?"

Eunhyuk got no chance of running away just like he used to. "You have been hiding from me for the last 10 months! Now's the 11th!" the fat landlady snarled at him. "If you can't pay now, I'll be throwing you out of my apartment! You hear me?!"

He was about to answer but what can he say? All his excuses have been of no effect to her. Then the only way to get out of this mess is to do the thing he really don't wanna do.

"Mrs. Choi, I see you're looking gorgeous tonight," he said with a little wink.

Mrs. Choi's nagging face transformed to a seductive look. "I always knew you liked me boy..." she said bumping Eunhyuk purposely.

"Now I'm in for more trouble..." he thought, swallowing a big lump in his throat.

"Sorry baby but, I can't be with you tonight" she said as she gets nearer and nearer Eunhyuk who was trembling with fear. "Bye lover boy!" Mrs. Choi said with a wink and smooched lips.

Late that night, Eunhyuk was sleeping while drooling over Boo. He was walking along a road with no one else in it. he kept on walking until he bumped into someone. It was a girl, but her face was not clearly seen. She was wearing the jade Budda pendant, suddenly, Eunhyuk felt that something was touching his face. It was someone's hand, hard, thick, rough and heavy. he recognized the hand. "Aaaah!" Eunhyuk started to scream upon realizing that the hand belonged to his landlady Mrs. Choi. the dream was over but this! this is a nightmare which he could never wake up, well that's because it's for real! "Hi lover boy!" Mrs. Choi's said, still stroking Eunhyuk's face down to his chest!... 0.o

Quicker that lightning, Eunyuk got up and grabbed his bag and ran out as fast as he can. "Feet, don't stop!" Eunhyuk said running as if he was running for his life.

Eunhyuk all worn out and sleepless from running the whole night, was walking with only a bag in his right hand and the other hand holds Boo right next to his chest so that he could embrace it. He sat down under a big tree and took out the jade pendant. "This is the only thing that's left of me, " he said with half eye-shut. "oh! of course Boo, you too!" again, talking to his stuff toy as if it really lived. Suddenly, as if lightning struck him, he jumped up with the mere sight of policemen eyeing him. He was to keep the pendant from authorities if he ever wants to live, but so far, this is not what he's doing. "keep it away from suspicious eyes, " "your eyeballs inside your head!" these words from Mr. noname, repeated and repeated.

to be continued...

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Friday, October 5, 2007 | 11:51 PM
Man Out of Reach || Back to reality

FOREWORDS: The new Student Body head, Lee Donghae, plainly regard women as an interference to the life he had laid down for himself. He wouldn't have a women in his flat even to clean it. When Mae asked him what harm they had ever done to him that he couldn't tolerate them in his private life, he replied. "No harm at all, except that they're a complete nuisance, and an irritating distraction from things that really matter. And the more attractive they are, the greater distraction they become. So i keep them out. Full stop. I'm woman proof." he added for good measure. But Mae was very attractive - and attracted to Donghae! - and perhaps things might have worked out for her, had it not been for that rather serious misunderstanding over her friendship with Kim Kibum.


Mae knocked on the door of her father's office, opened it and pushed her head into the room. It was empty. Disappointed, she went in, closed the door behind her and walked across to the librarian's office adjoining her father's room. That too was empty. Ms. Park had gone home.

Mae sighed. After her first day in her new school she was tense with a kind of elated self-satisfaction and longed to unwind, to tell someone how much she preferred being in an ordinary university than being in a girls' academy. But since there was no sympathetic person around to whom she could pour out her heart, she had to stifle her longing and be content with her own company for just a little longer. She dropped her bag pack to the floor and sat in her father's swivel chair. She had always found little-girl delight in that chair. Whenever she had visited the University in the past, before becoming a student herself, she had always made straight for it, swinging in bandoned circles until she was giddy. Her father had usually indulged in her, giving her a few minutes to let off steam, then he would tell her to get out of it and let him sit down.

Today she was more circumspect. She sat still, resisting the temptation to whirl around, and prepared herself for a long wait. She knew her father would be late. He always was, and she had gone into the habit of adding half an hour to whatever time he had promised to arrive. She took of her jacket and draped it over the back of the chair, found the waste paper bin, saw that it was empty and turned it upside down. Then she sat in her father's chair again, removed her shoes, put her feet on the upturned bin and waited. Feeling bored, she raked in her bag pack, took out a packet of chocolate and proceeded to eat her way through it. Then she searched around her father's desk, flipped through his papers, picked up something which looked interesting, relaxed and started to read.

She was so absorbed she forgot the time, and was surprised to find that the alloted extra half-hour had gone. Growing restless and a bit irritated, she had just decided to drag herself out of her comfortable position when the door opened.

She put on a welcoming smile and started to form the words "Right on time as usual", tinged with indulgent sarcasm, when she realized with horror that it was not her father standing in the doorway, but a complete stranger. He was tall, broadly built, and his good looks were underlined by great determination of character which added a dangerous glint to his black eyes. He came into the room and those eyes were now starring at her as if they refused to believe what they saw. When he spoke, his voice was controlled but his annoyance was unmistakable. "Would you mind telling me exactly what you think you're doing?" As she watched the anger in his eyes and took in the arrogance of his whole bearing, she became acutely uncomfortable. "What must I look like?" she wondered, and blushed a fiery red. She dropped her feet to floor and returned the papers she had been reading to her to her father's desk. Then she searched frantically for her shoes, slipped them on and stood up unsteadily, feeling as though she had committed a terrible crime. In the eyes of this man, who watched all her antics in frozen silence, it seemed she had.

"I'm- I'm sorry," was all she could find to say.

He frowned. "Are you a new student here? I haven't seen you around the school before?"

"Yes. I only started today, because it's the first day of school, you see."

"How feeble can I get?" she thought.

He answered as though he were a five-year old, and she felt she couldn't really blame him. "I'm well aware of that, but what I cannot for the life of me understand is how you could possibly have mistaken this room which belongs to a head of school- for the staff common room, or even the ladies' rest room, which you evidently think you're in. Can't you read? The title on the door- Headmaster of Neul Paran High- is surely displayed clearly enough even for someone of low intelligence to decipher. What room are you attached to?"

his cold sarcasm infuriated her and she clutched the handle of her bag as if it were trying to escape from her fingers. She drew in her lips and told him, "if you must know, Business and General Studies. I'm a General Studies Club President, and I'm entitled to enter this room."

She could hardly believe her eyes when she watched him rake in his pocket, pull out a piece of paper nad write down on it the information she had just given him.


By now she was beginning to regain her composure and some of her usual spirit. She was not easily sat on and this occasion was no exception. "Why should I tell him my name?" she thought. "Does he think he can crush me with his high-handed manner because I'm a very new student of this school?"

She knew he was not the president, nor the vice-president of the supreme students government, because she had met them both. so she made up her mind that she would not give any information to this overbearing individual so that he could get her into trouble-- not that she had really done anything wrong. So she was silent.

" I repeat-- name?"

Still she said nothing.

"Perhaps i should explain," he said over-patiently, "I am a senior member of staff, elected by the student government themselves. I am in fact, the Student Body head of this department." She started at that. So this was the man her father had spoken about in such glowing terms-- "Brilliant," he'd called him, "he'll go a long way. Get to the top before many more years have passed." "As such," he went on, "i am responsible for the contents of this room when the School Head is absent. i cannot allow anyone, and that includes you, to get away with what might be described as "murder"--witness your impudent occupation in this room, your attitude when i entered, and most important of all, the fact that you were reading confidential documents which you had taken from this desk. Now will you give me your name?"

to be continued...

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Thursday, October 4, 2007 | 10:08 PM

FOREWORDS: 2 childhood friends separated by fate, struggled to find each other. Each changed and had their own lives, yet still seeks for one another, trying to fulfill each promise. With only only a necklace to serve as the memory holder, they found out that their reunion will even be harder especially when fate plays tricks.

(At school cafeteria)

It was lunch break; tables are filled with students and teachers, a typical sight for a grade school cafeteria. Melissa a shy and crybaby walks with shoulders high and heads low. She never had a friend for she was a loner and a shy person. Melissa went to the cafeteria, bringing her bag and lunchbox, she walks over a table, but a stern look was thrown at her. With no one and nowhere to go, she ran and ran until she stopped under a big oak tree. She wiped her tears and sat. It’s that place that she could be alone, out of society and into obscurity. Then a stranger came, a boy a bit shorter than her but with a big smile. It was then that she met Min-Min.

He is a boy who is always seen with a smiling face and doesn’t care of what tomorrow might bring. It was him who saved Melissa from total loneliness. It was then that she had a friend. That day Sungmin made a promise, a pledge to always take care of Melissa and protect her. Since then Melissa have felt safe and protected, she has felt that she is wanted.
“Min- Min!” cried Melissa “I’m hungry! Can we go home now? I’m really hungry! Min- Min!” she shouted.

“Wait, I have an idea!” replied Sungmin.

Together they walked along the streets and saw a noodle stand nearby. Sungmin digged into his pockets and checked if he had some money left, but there was not a single penny left.

“Min- Min! I’m hungry! I want noodles!” cried Melissa.

“Okay, wait leave it to me.” Sungmin said. Creeping slowly and silently, he waited for the right moment. Immediately, just as soon as the vendor turned his back, Sungmin snatched a bowl of noodles.

“Yes I got it!” Sungmin said while running swiftly avoiding suspicious eyes and spilling the noodles. When he came back, he realized something, “THERE’S NO SEASONING!?!” cried Melissa.

“Waaaaah! This would taste awful!” Melissa said with a sour face. Sungmin smiled, “It’s fine, just give it a try it will taste fine.” Sungmin said while taking a sip from the bowl. Melissa feeling skeptical took a sip from the bowl. “Wow it does taste better!” Melissa said with a sniff.

Under the big oak tree Sungmin and Melissa sat watching the clouds roll. Sungmin noticed something behind Melissa’s hair, just below the neck. “What’s that? Tattoo?” Sungmin said with a grin. “Oh this? Nope, it’s my birth mark” Melissa replied clearing her neck revealing a black spot. “I try to hide it by covering it with my hair, back at home the other kids laugh at me and tease me, they say I have a spot like a Dalmatian” still staring sat the clouds. “Well it’s true, hehehe” smiled Sungmin. “You’re a Dalmatian!” Sungmin pranced around teasing Melissa. “Dalmatian, Dalmatian, Dalmatian!” he went on. Melissa cried, “Oh!” Sungmin stopped the sat back and patted her head while trying to hold back his laughter and smile. Times where getting better and better for each of them.

Each day they spend together makes their relationship grow more. But the test of time is yet to come.

Sungmin went home, and saw his mother packing his things up. He asked “what’s going on mom? Where are we going?” he asked “help me pack up Sungmin, we’re going to United States.” Replied his mom still packing his things up.

“Why? Where’s dad?” asked Sungmin feeling worried and confused. There was no answer, his mother stopped then sank on the bed and cried, “Your father, he… he left us for some other woman!” continued crying “that bastard! He’s going to let them live here, that’s why we’re leaving! I can’t stay another minute here!” she went on. Sungmin, with his young mind, had nothing to do, nothing to say. It was like reality struck him and he felt like being pulled down. He felt sad, but surprisingly, not because of his dad nor of his mother, but because of the thought that he would be leaving the place where he grew up, the place where he had learned to love and most of all he’s going to leave Melissa alone.

The next day came, Sungmin woke up with his world totally different, he woke up finding that his world is being wrapped up and is set to United States. He got up and ran down, totally ignoring his mom and all the people in there. He ran and waited under the big oak tree, he wanted to see Melissa. When Melissa came, “Min-Min! “She waved with a big smile. “Look! Look at this” she said reaching out a paper with an A+ sign, “I passed! I got the highest grade!” she squealed in delight. Sungmin half aware of what she was saying took her hand and placed a necklace in it and said, “Here take this. I’ve got no time, we’re leaving in any minute now, we’re going to United States” he went on, Melissa unable to speak, starred at him with confusion. “I want you to be strong! Okay? Don’t let anyone hurt you; remember that I’ll always be with you! And I’ll come back, okay?” Sungmin said, still holding her hand, “take that necklace, I’ll find you, don’t worry I’ll come back, that’s a promise.” Melissa was about to say something when a car’s horn blowing interrupted her. Sungmin held her and dropped a light kiss on her cheeks. “I’ll come back and I’ll find you!” he shouted while running towards the vehicle. Out of her sight he went. She didn’t even had the chance to speak, to tell him how much he means to her.
Years have passed…

Years have passed since Sungmin left, but his memories were still fresh on Melissa’s mind. It was the first day of school. Melissa woke up early to prepare for school, and did her chores and went to school. When she came she was startled at the sight, a very expensive looking car parked, and a driver went out and opened the door at the back. When the door opened a handsome guy went out. He looked incredibly handsome and gentleman. Every girl at the campus rushed and gathered around him. Melissa shrugged, “hm… not bad, for a transferee student.” She said to herself.

While Melissa is thinking who that new student could be, Ryeowook, Melissa’s friend is sneaking behind her back. “HEY!” came a loud voice which made Melissa jump.

Ryeowook is Melissa’s friend and her assistant in their get- rich quick scheme or “school business” he is a nerd and doesn’t have any other friends but Melissa. “What are you thinking about huh?” Ryeowook’s sharp question on Melissa.

“Why are you starring at the new guy?” Ryeowook’s eyebrows went up.

“Nah! It’s nothing *sniffs*” Melissa replied. “Come on lets go before we freeze to death!” rolling her eye.

At school Melissa was known for being tough a total opposite of what she was before, but even if almost everything about her have changed, she still remembers her first best friend and who still is up ‘till now. She never gave up on the promise they both shared, and treasures their memories. The necklace she truly kept and treasured, that one day-

Melissa was walking along the hall with Ryeowook when, “uhm… wait a minute, where’s my necklace?” she said with a stop, “I don’t know maybe you misplaced it” replied Ryeowook seeing the worried look of Melissa. Then Melissa suddenly remembered, “wait! Someone took it!” she raged, after a second she remembered Shindong, he is Melissa’s schoolmate whom she sat next to during English period.

“I remember putting my necklace at the desk when my pen fell, after that …” she paused “aaaarg!!!!!” Melissa strode with an angry face, she went to the cafeteria and there she saw Shindong with her necklace strapped around his neck. Without second thoughts she immediately punched his face and took her necklace from his neck. “The next time you take something, make sure you won’t get caught!” she added and left. Everybody was astounded.

The next day, Melissa’s first subject was chemistry; there she sat at the front most row. Everybody got settled down when the professor came. The professor came in and everyone greeted him, “Alright class today we have a new student here, come on in Mr. Lee”. Upon hearing this, a handsome guy came in the lab, he smiled gently with confidence and arrogance embeded in his face. Melissa thought deeply, this was the guy yesterday, with the chic car and a whole bunch of girls; “hmmp!” she shrugged. "Hi i'm..." "Vincent Lee!" a girl behind Melissa called out. "I love you, Vincent Lee!" the girl went on, now almost all girls, except Melissa that is, went wild. Melissa starred wide-eyed, "that's why he looked so familiar" she said in a low voice, Ryeowook, ducking his head, trying to avoid the wild girls rushing to hug Vincent lee. "Who is he?" Ryeowook said, still keeping his head low. "Why are they so wild and crazy over him? i even got good looks and a charismatic smile." Ryeowook said arrogantly. " gee, i don't know, maybe because he's that dancer and singer not to mention actor in the U.S" melissa said with a rathersaour tone. "oh... " Ryeowook's dry answer. "Bleuch!.." Ryeowook almost throwed up with what he's seeing "even the teacher Mrs. Jung, seem to idolize him... see how she clings to him... tsk tsk tsk.. poor 'new guy'..." "not to mention MR. SOON" Melissa added with a disgusted look.

"Vincent Lee" Melissa kept on saying while waiting for Ryeowook to come.

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Monday, October 1, 2007 | 10:04 AM
Beijing Rice || Back to reality

FOREWORDS: This is a story not of the ordinary but not that rarely to happen, a story of two different persons which have started out of hate but later came to figure out that they were meant for each other. But their love will encounter several challenges which would test each other's love for one another. this story involves family issues.

One boring and dull class day, as Ms. Basi, a 50 year-old teacher lectures about lines and shapes and colors. Of course it's that subject again - arts! Jen thought, tall, fair-skinned, not so bad but not as fascinating body as a model's, more like a typical high school students body, but with her dazzling black eyes, one could totally be head over heels in love with her, unfortunately, she's a man hater, for the fact that she was raised in a home without a father. Her father left before she was born, with that her mother dedicated her entire life for her, so she's baby to her mother's eyes. At the age of 5 she started to hate men, for being selfish and unthoughtful she says, because of that she was enrolled in a girls' high but her mom saw that this is not going to give her a brighter future and solve her hatred for men so she was transfered to a normal high school.

As Jen sat in complete boredom, so as the other students drooling on their books, turning page to page,"Ehem..." Ms. Basi clears her throat, "I have an important announcement to make..." the words seem to die out in Jen's ears, everything bacame blur and her eyes finally shut close, she fell asleep.

The next day, Jen was late for Arts class, though she did it on purpose. She sat in the front row. She observed something different, everyone was having their sketchpads and charcoal pencils ready, some blocks of wood covered with satin was place in front. "Is something going on here?" she thought to herself.

Since Ms. Basi went out of the room, she managed to slip into the bathroom, expecting no one else is inside she didn't bother to knock. For a moment she stood in sheer horror, right in front of her is a man half naked (topless actually) is in the shower (of course, facing away from her).

"Aaaaaah!!!" she shouted upon what she saw, and shut the door even before the man could turn to face her.

"There's a--a--" the words wont seem to come out.

Ms. Basi hurriedly came, "What is it Ms. Kim?" the old teacher inquired.

"There's a man, in the shower..." finding it hard to talk in a calm voice, since never in her entire life had she seen a naked man before...(well with the exception for televisions) especially not in the girl's bathroom!

Ms. Basi calmed her down, "Go back to the classroom Ms. Kim and I'll explain everything later." she said, leading Jen back to her seat. When Jen finally regained her composure, she plained her skirt and took out her sketchpad and charcoal pen, she drew different things to calm her fingers.

Then finally Ms. Basi came in, "Okay so class, as whta i've mentioned during our previous meeting..." as the teacher was talking Jen tried hard to recall the things that the old lady spoke of. "...we will be painting a still life portrait". Jen was suprised to hear about this, then she remembered what Ms. Basi was talking about on their last meeting. Her thoughts were dissruppted when a guy about 6 ft. tall, half naked, fresh from shower came in, his dark black hair which stood up pointing in different directions as if it was really did on purpose, his eyes sparkling like water in the river and a body that of a model.

"Its that guy..." she said in a low voice which can only be heard by herself. The guy sat down on the blocks of wood covered with satin in front facing the whole class, posing like a proffesional model.

"Okay class you may now start!" Ms. Basi announced.

It was funny actually, when Jen was sketching she didn't even look at the sketch pad she's working on. She watched him at the tip of her pad, her hands sketching as she scanned the details of his handsome face, every detailof his perfect body, but she noticed something with his eyes, it was sparkling yet looked sad but somehow with Hope. :D

the day went by so fast, she was suprised to find that the results of the project showed that she got the highest grade. This was really a suprise for she never had any interest in the class, no matter how good she is in drawing, she never really liked the class. She couldn't understand her feelings when she would think about the model in class.

Atthe end of the Art period, as she passed by a certain clump of girls, she heard something "a new guy at class?" then she stopped for a while about one meter away from the group, expecting to hear more, but to her disappointment the school bell rang, startling the group and got inside the room, proceeding to thier respective seats. She went inside the room and took her seat as well.

The day went by, without a sign of that "so called 'new guy' ", so she just thought of it as another girlish fantasy of those girls earlier.

The next day, Jen woke up realising that she is late for class, she shouted as she got up and went to the shower, put on her uniform, "Mom! why didin't you wake me up?!" Her mother, humming a tune of SNSD's New Girl's Generation, looked excessively beautiful for a 45 year old single mom. "Sorry honey bunch, but i don't want to interrupt my cute little cupcake while dreaming of a beautiful place..." Mrs. Kim kept on talking, "uuugh!" Jen let out a frustrated grunt. Her mother really treats her like a 5 year old kid, which, would make her so mad and start to lock up her door, but this time she can't, coz she's too late for class and no time for mood strains. But her pride prevailed, she went down and ignored her mother totally, without even saying goodbye, nor eating the food her mother prepared for her. Though she value her mother deeply, sometimes she just wished for her mother to change. At school, she missed her Arts period so she went directly to chemistry which she was also late.

"Better late than never Ms. Kim, " Mr. Lee said in a disappointed look. Before Jen could get inside, a guy stood behind her, obviously exhausted from running, " Surely another late student" Mr. Lee added, "Mr. Han is it?" he continued.

'Mr.Han?' Jen thought, without looking back to see the guy standing behind her. "For a new student, you must practise punctuality Mr. Han if you ever want to stay in this instituition, but i will let it slip this time since, like what i've said, you're a new student, but as for Ms. Kim here," he turned to her, "Don't let it happen again or your grades will be all red!" He snarled. Jen stood still at the door together with the "new guy.

"Now, since everyone has their ChemLab partners, and only two seats are available, which obviously shows, belongs to the two of you." he said.

Jen could almost sense the danger that come with his statement, "You mean sir... that... he is my partner?" she said uneasily.

"But of course, Yes!" Mr. Lee replied, "now, proceed to your seats." The new guy made his way anad took his seat, Jen was left standing alone in the doorway, recognising the guy from arts class.

"But sir! i barely know the guy, you know i could always work alone!" She protested.

"Enough! Ms. Kim!" with a commanding voice. "You shall know each other better through some activities which I will be giving, now, off to your seat!" Mr. Lee said in a voice which meant 'to obey or else!'.

"Now Mr. Han, please for your dear classmates and your partner, introduce yourself." The professor said.

"Hi i'm Hankyung" the guy said who said tall and really looked handsome. "You can call me Hankyung, i really hopw we can get along well, I'm chinese so you could also talk to me in chinese... Ni Hao Ma!" he continued. "Some of you here have already seen me in Arts Class, so i'm really hoping we could all be friends." he said, taking his seat beside Jen.

to be continued...

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+ the real story...

SHED, which stands for Sweet Hopes, Endless Dreams is a group of four teenagers who share a common ground for sending their love and support to the persons they value.
It started on the year 2007, when the four girls had ambitions of someday making their dreams into reality, something, they all hope to achieve through this blog.
Nonetheless, they continue to dreams endlessly that these sweet sentiments could somehow reach those they treasure and read between the lines of what their hearts truly meant.
we, the group of four imaginative and talented precocious girls, just wants to have freedom of expression, we will not tolerate rude comments, if you have... just keep it to yourself, or better yet... go make your own blog... :D